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What our guests have written
about Casa Ocotillo


Brian & Vic
WOW!! You have created a unique & beautiful B&B style property. You realize of course you are stuck with us for life now. Our home away from home.
Best of Luck,

Clint & Rick, Phoenix, AZ


WOW! Truly impressive, caring, and accommodating, a great place for a real LA getaway. Brian is tops - wonderful nature of making you feel like a relative (not a guest). We젢e back.

Louis & Jerry, Sherman Oaks, CA


We were simply looking for a stay with charm and peace and quite, what we found were hosts that open their house to you.

Tom & Marcio, Burbank, CA


Brian & Vic
Vacation has a new meaning with you. We젢e back to enjoy sun, pool + new friends, soon!

Thomas & Lorin, Los Angeles, CA


Hey Babies!
Iനe first in the book and so proud! I had so much fun staying with you and know I堭ade friends for life. You have been wonderful hosts. Keep well, keep healthy and always remember you have a friend in Toronto.
Loads of love,

John, Toronto, Canada


Anyone who knows me knows it speaks volumes when I say ⭠so comfortable that I sleep past sunrise.頬eave here ready to fight the good fight.

My love to Brian and Vic

Andrew, Phoenix, AZ


V & B
Thanks so much for a wonderful stay. Gordon (their dog) now has a boy friend in P.S.!! We젨ave to encourage their long distance love affair!!!! Had a great time! Relaxing, peaceful& good company in our two hosts. Just the weekend getaway we were looking for.

Kevin & Dean, Los Angeles, CA


We had a terrific getaway at your wonderful retreat. Thanks for the hospitality and the birthday wishes too! See you in the spring.

Mitch & Gabe, Long Beach, CA


Itࢥen great to see all the wonderful and beautiful changes you堭ade here. Thanks for always making us feel 䠨ome栍 and Thanks again for dinner! We젢e back ᳠always.

Peter and Mark, Tucson, AZ


Brian & Vic
Thanks for a fantastic weekend! You have an incredible place and we will for sure be back. You have created something so personal and welcoming and we will tell everyone! See you nest time!

James & Gino, Placentia, CA


Vic and Brian are marvelous hosts. They have provided a weekend that far exceeded our expectations. They deserve every bit a five Palm rating. We will definitely be back.

Jerrod & Patrick (Our 3rd Anniversary), San Diego, CA



Guys Ⲿ Our dog loved it even more than we did ᮤ we had a great time too. Thanks for everything!

Chuck & Andrew, Hunington Beach, CA





Dear Vic, Brian, Maggie & Ashley (our two house dogs),
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful sun, weather, long mornings & warm companionship. Sugar (their dog) was as relaxed and happy as we were; testament to the world class hospitality you share with guests lucky enough to call Casa Ocotillo home, even briefly.

Richard and Morgan, Studio City, CA









Brian & Vic,
Thank you so much for being a part of our 20th anniversary celebrations. We really appreciated the hospitality that you bestowed upon us. We felt that we were among friends & family rather that acations the first repeat visitors from your old place in Phoenix (Casa de Mis Padres) we believe that the level of hospitality has only improved with the years. We are looking forward to a repeat visit next year.

Edd & Frank, Yardville, New Jersey


You場ruly created your dream. In all my travels to PS, I堍 never found such a peaceful and charming place. This is absolutely magical. The care you堰ut into the room d飯r, as well as planning of the grounds & buildings is evidence of the caring attitude you show your guests. This is more like staying at someoneਯme than at a resort. I wish I could have stayed longer. May you enjoy great success, as I೵re you will.

Joseph, West Hollywood, CA


What a wonderful time
Love the new digs & our fabulous hosts. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, the best! I feel like I have a new home in Palm Springs. Thank you for sharing Ashley with us. You know we love our Airedales. We will be back.


What a wonderful place you boys have in PS. Rob and I hope to see you often this winter. You have the Best operation going. XOXO Best of luck in 07

Peter, Mill Valley, CA


We can੭agine a better way to have ended the year, making new friends and finding a new home away form home. Next time we will be sure to bring the rest of our family, namely Whitman the greyhound. Thank you so much for your generosity of place, time, nature, cocktails and everything else! Log Jammer rules! All our best wishes to you for the coming New Year!

Paul & Greg, Altadena, CA


Brian & Vic
Thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us. This is a nice quiet place for rest and relaxation. Your marvelous hospitality adds so much to the experience. Thank you for Christmas breakfast, for the well stocked guest kitchen, for evening drinks, and for just allowing us to 售 You have a wonderful place and your dreams for the future will only add to its being a more marvelous, restful and delightful respite.

Mack & Paul, Canton, OH


Brian & Vic
Thanks for providing us with four blissful nights before heading back to our daily grind. Your place is a beautiful, restful retreat. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality. We look forward to a return visit!

Brian & Greg, Chicago, IL




What a wonderful experience to enjoy the peace, beauty, & relaxation of Casa Ocotillo. Both Harley (the dog) and I so much appreciate the hospitality from Brian and Vic, their attention to all our needs, and their charisma. I look forward to a return as soon as possible. 

Howard & Harley, Malibu, CA


Vic & Brian
Thank you for your marvelous hospitality. This is absolutely our new home away form home in the Palm Springs. Your hacienda is extraordinary. As an architect, I am so impressed with what you堤one, the creativity, the thoughtfulness seen in every detail. We look forward to our next visit.

Bob & Juan, Los Angeles, CA


Dear Vic & Brian
I certainly appreciate all your wonderful hospitality. I only stayed a couple days but feel that I堫nown you two forever. I will definitely let your place be known to all others in Phoenix.  I myself will be back with my friends! You two are great people and wonderful hosts! My very best & hugs,

Tim, Phoenix, AZ


Dear Vic & Brian:
You guys are amazing. I promised my boyfriend I would take him some place special. Turns out, your house is very special. Thank you for treating us like old time friends. Thank you for having us over to dinner. We will cherish this experience forever.

David & Ruben, Los Angeles, CA


Dear Vic & Brian,
From the moment we walked through the gate we realized you had created a paradise in the desert. It took about another hour to realize we had also found a real home with the two of you. You are both very thoughtful caring and loving. We feel like we have known all four (Ashley & Maggie) forever. Thanks for a great time. We will be back.

Jerry & Lige, Spartanburg, SC


Dear Vic & Brian,
Gracious, charming and generous. These are qualities that are rare to find anywhere these days in our fast-paced world. But here at Casa Ocotillo, you have created a genuine oasis for the soul. Our week here, despite the intruding burdens of our jobs, has been truly restorative. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and your gentle spirits with us. You have been so kind.
With sincere gratitude

John & Jim, Chicago, IL


Brian & Vic
Our 3rd visit in two months, what more can I say! Our hosts, the ambiance by far exceed our expectations! We look forward to seeing you soon.
Till later

Larry & Rich, Hayward, CA


Brian (the dirty gardener) & Vic
It's official! Casa Ocotillo is now tops on my list for desert escape! The other guests proved warm and deceivingly colorful. Your hospitality began at the front gate and did not waver. The room proved restorative, quiet, and you堷ell thought out attention to detail completely cemented our good time. Ashley͊ good looks and cheerful frolicsome nature grounded me. Being greeted at the gate by his handsome face made coming back to the Casa something to look forward to. Maggie is also a doll. I cannot wait to come back.


What a find! It೯ hard to leave, and I can͊ wait to come back. A real ﭥ away from homeﰾ

Barry, Los Angeles, CA


White Party Weekend, 2007
Finally, after about 6 years of venturing out to Palm Springs, I found my true retreat. You guys are working redefining simplicity and style楮 by NYC standards

Chris, New York City, NY


I was going to wait until I೴ayed in every suite (+ the office) but I guess I젨ave to give it up before I sleep in every bed. Brian and Vic, you have truly put together one of the world৲eatest, most pleasant hideaways ever. Many thanks for all of the wonderful times.
P.S. (and I quote) 塬ity is never an accident; but always the result of intelligent effort.p;  John Ruskin

Ray, Phoenix, AZ (when heயt visiting his ﭥ away from home鮠Palm Springs with his dog Dinah)


Vic & Brian
Thanks for a comfortable and welcoming weekend. We look forward to retuning and perhaps even bring Chilao (greyhound) with us next time!
Your Long beach friends

Michael & Brian

My turnⲾ In the words of St. Augustine: ﶥ, and do what you like.튉 This is your motto of life and ownership of Casa Ocotillo. Your joy, your pride and dedication to your Casa flows from the both of you. You both are treasures. We have had an amazing too short weekend. We can not wait to return! We loved the morning chats w/ coffee, food and both newspapers, poolside afternoon time and happy hour! Thank you for the personal touch that compliments the beautiful bungalows. We are excited for Ashley to meet our greyhound, diva Chilao. We love that she can come here too! You guys have a great thing. Thank you!See you soon.
Love, Mr. Rum and diet coke
Long live Log Jammer!

Brian (Michael too!), Long Beach, CA


Brian & Vic
Thank you for another wonderful weekend. Staying here is like coming home. See you soon.

Peter & Kurt, Hollywood, CA


Brian and Vic,
We have decided that you are hosts incarnate 穴h personalities, even souls, destined to graciously provide comfort and pleasure to guests with ease. Thank you for welcoming us into your slice of the world and for providing us with solitude for our minds and a roadmap of cuisine and entertainment for our bodies. We truly enjoyed our visit here and it was a pleasure to be in your company

Paul & DJ, Gilbert, AZ


Dearest Vic & Brian
Words can not describe how fortunate we are to have stayed with you. Not only did we have a most enjoyable stay, we made great friends with you. Thank you again for everything. We look forward to our next visit!
Best Regards

Rob & Jose, Phoenix, AZ


Hi Vic & Brian
Thanks for the great 3 days at your beautiful (and most enviable) Casa. Richard and I (and Casey & Coco too) truly appreciate your hospitality during our stay here.  You have created such a comfortable atmosphere, one that allowed us to relax our days & nights away poolside and in your wonderfully designed guest room (endlessly watching QAF lol! Beware the video library!) We look forward too our next visit to Casa Ocotillo!

Jugren & Richard, Anaheim, CA


Vic and Brian
Thanks for the hospitality and the use of your lovely grounds. What a great place to kick back, relax, listen to the birds and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Best of luck in your endeavors and look forward to seeing you again 튉 soon!

Marc & Tony, Tustin, CA


Brian, Vic & Ray
We arrived confused and with bleeding hearts, you patched us up with such nurturing love and hospitality! Thank you for reminding us that we can and will be able to handle the loss of our dear babies Inga & Johana. We hope to return someday with our new babies.
Thanks again in gratitude & brotherhood

Danny & Eli, Santa Barbara, CA


Brian, Vic
Our journey here was by pure fate via the internet. We have been having a wonderful time since we arrived. Our room was fantastic, the food delightful, ant the company was fabulous! We loved the fact that our little girl Madison (their dog) was also allowed to be on this journey. We hope to come back soon. In the words of John Roger 襠journey is to return back into awareness and have a devilishly good time.d I say more?

John and Scott and Madison, Los Angeles, CA


Hey Guys!
Christian and I had a wonderful time at Casa Ocotillo! It was just what we expected and much more! Thanks for your amazing hospitality. We will be making this place our weekend get-a-way going forward. It felt like home! Angel (their dog) had a great time too!
Much love,

Emmanuel & Christian, West Hollywood, CA


Vic & Brian
I stumbled on to your awesome retreat, thru a new friend Tyler, enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere, and made memories for a lifetime. I will be back for sure.

Todd, Bull Head City, AZ c/o Tyler and Nicki 襠dogﳰan> 


Vic & Brian
Thank you so much for opening your beautiful home to the community. The ᳡鳠amazing, the room was comfortable, the bed great for slumber and romance. We enjoyed our stay with the whole family the two of you, Maggie and Ashley, and the birds. We hope to return again soon.

Tom & Matt, San Francisco, CA


Vic & Brian
Itயt often that we encounter warm caring people who enrich the lives of others. Thank you for your kind hospitality & thoughtfulness this weekend! We will be back!

Daniel & Ricardo, West Hollywood, CA


Vic & Brian
Thank you again for another great visit a la Ocotillo. You two are so gracious �y thanks for opening your doors and hearts for Michaelࢩrthday gathering. Everything is thought of here 㯠many personal details. Brian, continue your physical therapy. Vic thanks for introducing me to (Dave) Grusin. See you next time.
Much love and appreciation

Michael & Brian, Long Beach, CA


Vic & Brian
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and wonderful accommodations. Our experience here @ Casa Ocotillo was exactly what we were looking for! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and grounds. We堦ound a new ﭥ base毲 our Southwest travels. We will be back ᮤ hopefully soon!
Keep in touch,

Gary & Mark, Columbus, OH


Brian & Vic
I am so sorry; I didnਡve more time to get to know the both of you. But you certainly know how to make a business trip relaxing! I truly don૮ow when I堥njoyed myself more. I look forward to coming back for vacation! Back to 27 degree weather & snow in Illinois.

Eddie B, Bloomington, IL


Brian & Vic
Thank you for sharing your home with us for a week. Casa Ocotillo is a perfect setting for our new desert retreat. Your hospitality made our trip perfect. We can෡it to return! Best of luck!

Brian & Mitch, Lafayette, Louisiana



antly home away from home!⥳t describes our stay. Your generosity and warm hospitality was obvious from the start, completely redefining our desert experience with each passing day. So looking forward to joining you again VERY soon!
With love,

Larry, Randy, Max & Taylor (their dogs), West Hollywood, CA


As the inaugural guest of the Courtyard Suite at Casa Ocotillo, it was our pleasure to christen the room. The shower is spectacular, the service sublime, and the starry nights soothing to the soul. But, when returning at night make sure to have the resort phone number programmed into your cell phone. On our second night, Brian accidentally (he says) locked the dead bolt after turn down service. When we returned late after Show tunes at Spurline, we were locked out. Neither of our keys would open the dead bolt. After waking Vic from a deep sleep (or something going deep) we gained access to our room. The next day, I told Brian & Vic to just tell us if they didn͊ want us to return to the Casa Ocotillo, rather than locking us out of our room. Aside from that, we had a great stay and plan to return again (unless they keep us locked out again!)

Joel and Chip, Seattle, WA


Brian & Vic
You have a wonderful place in the desert! You showed great hospitality and a knack for detail. We had a great birthday weekend here with all of our friends and look forward to our next visit.

Tim & Rubin, Los Angeles, CA


Brian & Vic
Thank you for your hospitality and great fun. I truly enjoyed spending my birthday with everyone. Please come and visit us in Los Angeles.

Jorge & Ron, Los Angeles, CA


Brian & Vic
Thank you for another great stay. As always everything was wonderful. Makena loved the yard and enjoyed every minute out there, especially playing with Ashley. You guys have somewhere to stay if you堥ver in Long Beach. We젢e back.

Brent, Michael & Makena, Long Beach, CA


Brian & Vic
Back again and still certain that your ᓁ鳠the best place to stay in PS衮ds down! Where do I begin鯵r hospitality, the peace and quiet, the grapefruit / lemon blossoms, and SUNᬬ welcome for these hearty Chicago boys. Look forward to returning SOON!

Jim and John, Chicago, IL


Brian, Vic & Ashley
Happy Easter. Thank you for a wonderful stay! We felt as though we were staying at your home, rather than a resort. You are very welcoming. Our Boys had a great time with Ashley. We will see you again.

John & Mike, Boone & Casey (their puppies), Yucaipa, CA


A lovely stay! Very quiet, very relaxing! Vic & Brian are excellent hosts 沩endly, helpful but completely unobtrusive. Casa Ocotillo is my first choice in P.S.

Scott, San Francisco, CA


Vic & Brian
Again, many thanks for your always - great and kind demeanors always making this place our second home. See you again soon.

Tony & Marc, Tustin, CA



240 East Ocotillo Ave Palm Springs, CA 92264 800-996-4108 760-327-6110

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